Gal4 feedback loop

Michael McKeown Michael_McKeown at
Thu Oct 12 16:51:40 EST 2000

I am interested in using a system in which an enhancer, which may be
transciently on, induces the expression of Gal4 which then activates a
positive feedback loop such that Gal4 continues to be expressed even
after expression from the enhancer of interest has ended.

Such a system, or a system based on a similar idea, allows the
identification of what a particular set of cells in an imaginal disc or
a the CNS becomes or contacts after differentiation.

I heard multiple people talk about such systems at the CSH Drosophila
Neurobiology meeting a year ago, but can find no references.

If you know of such a system, or a reference, or someone who is using
such a system, I would appreciate hearing about it.


Mike McKeown
Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry G-J363
Brown University
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