bio-assays with drosophila

Litjens, R.H.G.M. R.H.G.M.Litjens at
Wed Oct 18 10:48:44 EST 2000

Does somebody have any expierience with bio-assays for Drosophila's?
Preferably we would like to set up a bio-assay with lavae, and feed them for
about 24 h on some drosophila-medium with additional protein (to test)
added, and harvest them for RNA isolations. Here we have a problem that it
is difficult separating the larvae from the media.
Bio-assays with new-born flies is an alternative option. We try to put pupae
in a culture flask, but the flies don't come out at the same time. We would
like the flies to be the same age, and to be exposed to the medium an equal
amount of time, and of course have enough for RNA isolations.
Any suggestions are welcome,

Thank you
Ralph Litjens (mailto:R.H.G.M.Litjens at


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