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Sima Misra sima at
Wed Oct 25 21:49:05 EST 2000

Postdoctoral position available in Molecular & Cell Biology, Division of
Genetics at the University of California, Berkeley, in the laboratory of
Gerald Rubin, working with FlyBase Berkeley and the Berkeley Drosophila
Genome Project (BDGP).
This position is perfect for a molecular geneticist interested in
transitioning into the field of Bioinformatics. Applicants will
participate in the curation and refinement of Drosophila genomic sequence
annotations by providing expert knowledge of biology to evaluate features
in the primary sequence data.
Candidates will learn to interpret results from a variety of computational
analysis tools. Curators work as a part of a team, interacting with
biologists at other FlyBase sites to develop standards of annotation, and
coordinate with software engineers to develop and improve software. The
applicant will be a member of the BDGP Informatics group, and
opportunities will exist to learn more about programming and database
The position requires a Ph.D or equivalent in molecular biology or
genetics; experience with Drosophila or another model organism helpful.
Candidates must be motivated, proficient at critical thinking and problem
solving, and possess good communication skills.
Send CV and names of 3 references via email to: 

Sima Misra 
sima at 


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