Tn(Thin-wing) (1-59.5, >17A5) stock

Masahiko Sakaguchi biology at
Sun Oct 29 09:44:17 EST 2000

Dear everyone,
I want to have the Tn (Thin-wing) (1-59.5, >17A5) mutant flies. But in
Flybase, I knew it is not
available from public stock centers.  I read the Tn report of Dr. M. Rose
in D.I.S 7:20,1937. Dr. M.Rose
adress was in Dept. Biology, California State University, Los Angels at
least untill 1993. 

Dr. Margaret Jefferson, who is a Professor of Genetics, Biology &
Microbiology Department, California State University, Los Angeles and had
investigated with drosophila, kindly taught me that Dr. Rose is no longer
alive and that she do not have Tn. It is only one hope for me to ask Tn
stock in private lab. in bionet drosophila news group. If you have Tn,
please give me it.

Sorry for my broken English,
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Department of Biology, Faculty of Education,
Shinshu University
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