New FlyBase gene report synopsis

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Sun Sep 3 18:31:36 EST 2000

New FlyBase gene report synopsis,   Aug. 2000

FlyBase gene reports now present a streamlined outline of the
salient points known for a gene.  This Synopsis report is
designed to provide the essentials, without overwhelming readers
with details.  This synopsis emphasizes gene product,
organization, expression and phenotype, and species similarities,
as the aspects of Drosophila genes we think most useful to a
wide range of bioscientists.

We hope you will find it a clearer and more useful presentation.
Alternative report contents continue to remain available.
Familiarize yourself with these synopses by using the "HELP" link
on each synopsis.  If you prefer another default report content, you
can change to it through this HELP link, or with the Preferences

Available gene reports include
  Synopsis, just the salient points.
  Abridged report, a reduced report.
  Full report, for all details.
  GadFly, gene structures, adjacent genes and region.
  Interactive Fly report associated with this gene.
  Recent updates, data that has not yet been integrated with the full set.

and Subsection reports
  Alleles, a table of alleles.
  Allele Phenotypes, a table of mutant phenotypes and expression patterns.
  Proteins & transcripts, associated products.
  Stocks, fly stocks available for this gene.
  Recent reviews, review publications for this record.
  References, listing all publications for a data record.
  Similar genes & Sequences, links to sequence and species homology data.
  Synonyms, other names and symbols for this item.
  Attributed data, data attributed to particular publications.

Your comments are always welcome, on this and other aspects of FlyBase.

The FlyBase consortium
email: flybase-help at

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