larvae turning black?

Joaquín de Navascués jdenavas at
Thu Sep 14 09:19:23 EST 2000

It is said in my laboratory that the blackening (and death) in pupae is due
to bacterial infection. This never happens in mass. Note I wrote "it is
said" and "in pupae". Im afraid it is all help I can offer.
Good luck.
Joaquin de Navascues.

Martin Hoehne wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> did anyone ever observe larvae that turned black? They are obviously
> dead and the blackening starts at the anterior end and progresses to the
> posterior end. One of the first things turning black seem to be the
> salivary glands.
> Is this due to contamination with a fungus? Bacteria? Or a strange
> mutation?
> Any help would be appreciated,
> Martin
> Fischbach Lab
> Freiburg University, Germany
> marthoe at
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