J. Dorman jdorman at u.washington.edu
Tue Sep 19 09:32:31 EST 2000

Do you know whether there exists a strain in which flp-mediated excision
of a stop codon upstream of GFP causes the direct production of GFP-marked

That is, I'm looking for a strain analagous to the Act>CD2>Gal4 strain
[Pignoni and Zipursky, Development 124 (2) 1997] but directly driving GFP
(instead of driving GAL4 which in turn drives UAS-GFP, as the Zipursky
strain does).

I want to generate GFP-marked clones in flies in which I'm using GAL4 to
drive another reporter ubiquitously, so I can't also use GAL4 to generate
the clones.

If you know of such a strain, in which flpout leads to direct expression
of either cytoplasmic or nuclear GFP, please let me know!

Thanks very much,
Jennie Dorman
jdorman at u.washington.edu

Berg Lab
Department of Genetics
University of Washington
Seattle, WA


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