CO2 in mating trials

Howard Rundle rundle at
Thu Sep 28 13:43:42 EST 2000

    I am preparing to conduct mate choice tests using Drosophilia
pseudoobscura and am concerned about the use of CO2 to knock out the
flies to setup the experiment.  In talking to a number of researchers, I
always get a similar response: "Oh, I never use CO2 in behavioral
assays.  It affects them neurologically and may change their behavior."
However, nobody I have asked seems to have any data on this, one way or
the other.  Do anyone know of any data, published or not, relevant to
the use of CO2 in mating trials?  Who uses CO2, and do they have any
evidence for any side effects of its use?
  Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Howard Rundle
Dept. of Zoology
University of British Columbia

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