Postdoctoral position

I. Roberts i.j.h.roberts at
Fri Apr 6 09:53:23 EST 2001

Three year BBSRC funded postdoctoral position available from September at 
Sussex University to perform microarray and genetic screens to determine the 
role of Nitric Oxide in the control of cell proliferation during imaginal 

Sussex, on the sunny south coast of England, is 45 mins from London and has a 
funded microarray facility and 6 Drosophila groups. The lab is newly 
refurbished space

The project will use genetic screens to identify components required for the 
anti-proliferative effects of NO during developemnt and microarray analysis of 
the transcripts altered by NO expression.

Experience in Drosophila genetics, molecular biology, cell cycle or microarrays 
would be an advantage.

Informal enquiries or applications to:

Dr. Ian Roberts
i.j.h.roberts at

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