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Ferit Guleryuz ferit at guleryuz.com
Sat Apr 7 19:51:59 EST 2001

I am writing to you from Istanbul, Turkey on behalf of the Philosophy
Dept. students at Istanbul University. Our purpose in contacting you
is asking for your kind help. Please let us briefly explain you the
challenging situation we are facing in Turkey regarding the book "Evolution
Deceit" published by Harun Yahya.
The writer Harun Yahya has released more than 140 books and he is
known by his serious attacks against the evolution theory. He is trying
to make use of science against Evolution. He is trying to shoot us
with our weapon. During the last year, we tried to determine the scientific
mistakes in his book. We organized conferences in order to avoid youth
suffering from his non-scientific and unfortunate believes in creation.
His strength and capability of playing with words in the name of science
even confuse us sometimes, we should regretfully confess. We will
certainly be grateful if you can support us with your experience and
proficiency in the area. We want to make benefit of your comments
in our conferences, and other studies.

You may find the original text of the book at:

We'll be looking forward to receive your invaluable support in our
challenging situation in Turkey. We'll be grateful to receive your
comments and critiques regarding his book "Evolution Deceit."
With the hope of hearing from you in the shortest period of time.
Yours truly,
Ferit Guleryuz


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