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Kristian Kyhl kyhl at imf.au.dk
Mon Apr 9 11:38:20 EST 2001

Hi Ferit
That is some task you have ahead of you.

Some time ago I stumbled upon a revisionist home page, trying to disprove the
ill doings of the Nazis.
When reading their 'theories' at first i was enraged, and wanted to do
something against it. Now I have resignated, beleaving the best thing to do is
just to ignore it, and let them live their low-life existance hoping them to go
away when time is.
The reason for this is that they reverse everything, turning black into white
and vice versa, and it is the same when the creationists try to reject science
and evolution.
For example, try to argue which colour is the nicest, or which religion is best
- it is not possible, is it?
Genetic and evolutionary science, moleculary biology etc. is fairly new. It can
not prove or disprove everything, and it is here the Yahya person comes in.
As he correctly states, every scientific theory has an aspect of faith, else
they would not have been theories but facts. I do not feel comfortable with
Popper, but he will do here; he states that all theories will in time be
falsified, and then lead to formulation of new theories and so on.
Ergo what Yahya does not comprehend, is that all weak spots in evolutionary
theory is in fact a question of faith, which in time will lead to more firm
knowledge of the aspect, revision or rejection of the theory in question.
He states that a number of scientists were religious. What is the problem of
that? I myself do not believe in any God like creature taking care of us and
judging our good or bad doings. But i can and will not try to disprove Him (or
Her) knowing it is just as futile as trying to disprove science. What I do
believe is, that there are things not explicable to man (yet?). People are free
to call that God, people from another galaxy or what ever, I just call it
something else; nature, chance, evolution, etc.
I will not go into details about his statements about the formation of the
first primitive cells, as there are multiple theories about this, some better
than others, I must only state that modern science is still in its infancy in
this area, leaving no doubt for me that this point will be enlightened in due
time. Well, it is still not possible to 'fabricate' a cell from scratch, how
then explain its exsistance in a theory that actually enlightens all aspects of
One major thing is Yahyas downfall:
EVOLUTION IS A DECEIT, The Theory of Evolution has Collapsed etc. You can not
write a scientific paper using these frases. And you'll need to look further
into these statements; they are the total opposite of science; they are
statements produced by a man totally blind to the possibility of being wrong,
leaving no place for doubt, so there are two possibilities; Yahya is in fact
God (as only Gods are entitled to state absolute truth's), or he is a fool, you

In chapter:
TO BE FREED FROM PREJUDICE - We scientists are NOT atheists. I myself am a
humanist, lots of other scientists being something else. We all believe in
something, else we would not be scientists, not capable of using our
imagination, not able to form novel theories, let alone explain the world and
its wonders, as we see them. That many of us do not believe in an old man (or
woman) in the skies watching over us, doesn't make us atheists. And especially
when backtracking our steps, belief is neccessary. Even in our most recent
history. For instance what is the chance of me sitting at my computer tonight
writing this e-mail? Probability = 0. Reason: The prob. of me reading the
newsgroup p=0.5. The prob. of me responding to the mail p=0.1 (I really have
not got the time for it). The probability for me starting studying biology
p=0.0005 (I dropped out from another study), the prob. of me being born
0.0000001. The probability of my father meating my mother p=0.0001 (father
danish, mother german), the probability that all my ancesters survived wars,
famine etc. p=extremely small. And so on the product of all these probabilities
being so small that even the number zero is to large. So it is by all means a
miracle that any of us exists, when using his arguments.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE THEORY - It has previously been believed that the Earth
was flat, and not round. You could in the same way argue that the rejection of
this theory would prove the existance of God. It did not, it lead to another
theory stating that the world is round, which is still widely believed even

DARWIN'S RACISM - Darwin was not divine. As Yahya correctly states some other
place Darwin did not have the means to explain the whole world, and it must be
remembered that he lived in a time where these ideas were perfectly pc, and
still today some scientists believe that certain asian people are yellowish in
skin, and africans are darker than europeans. They even believe that africans
might even be better adapted to warmer climates than eskimos. By the way, all
of us still bear "simian" features (the DNA between humans and chimps is still
equal to 98.5%), else the Piltdown fake would not have fooled all scientists at
the time.

IMAGINARY MECHANISMS OF EVOLUTION - He asks: "Can Natural Selection Explain
Complexity?" The answer: YES. He is wrong, I am right. Simple as that (see the
error I just made, see above).

THE FOSSIL RECORD REFUTES EVOLUTION - Lets go dig up some fossils from 15.
december 49205924 b.c. That is of course not possible. I believe it is
fantastic that so many fossiles from so many periods of time have been dug up.
You can not expect to find fossils from all periods of time explaining all
existance. Picture it as a puzzle with 5000 pieces, and only two or three
pieces are present. Then try to picture the whole puzzle out of that.
Furthermore some periods of time produce more fossils than others. Newer
theories suggest that evolution proceeds stepwise and not continuous. Look
further into that.

THE TALE OF TRANSITION FROM WATER TO LAND - Hey, what's that frog doing? First
being a fish, then dwelling at land.

THE TALE OF TRANSITION FROM LAND TO AIR - To many words, find out yourself.

created using the features from skulls, for identification of people. This
approach is very successfull and has solved quite a murder mystery. Keine

EVOLUTION FORGERIES - Surprise; a scientist being wrong. OK let us start over
again, revert all science, the Earth is flat!

THE SCENARIO OF HUMAN EVOLUTION - Statement: "No sound or real evidence has
been put forward to prove that there is a relationship between man and ape,
except forgeries, distortions, and misleading drawings and comments." Plain
stupid nonsense!!! Huge amounts of mt-DNA studies support the relationship
between man and ape.
Factual errors: "The evolutionists call the so-called first common ancestors of
men and apes "Australopithecus"". Wrong, the first common ancestor known is
Proconsul. Further he calls the neanderthals for Homo sapiens neanderthalensis,
implying a ancestry. They are now called Homo erectus neanderthalensis. They
are nothing but our cousins, not our ancestors.
Downright lie :"Neanderthals are a human race and this fact is admitted by
almost everybody today".
Suggested readings: Papers about evolution and mitochondrial DNA, mitochondiral
Eve etc.

THE IMPASSE OF MOLECULAR EVOLUTION - Again what is the probability of me being
here tonight.

DESIGN AND COINCIDENCE - I am using glasses, and my stereo does not make any
noise before starting playing music. Ergo; God created DENON, and not me.

EVOLUTIONIST CLAIMS &THE FACTS - Downright lie: "In addition to birds, [...]
even on some dinosaurs, which are extinct reptiles. Not even evolutionists
posit an evolutionary relationship or kinship among those four different
classes of animal".
About Haeckel: We the secret society of evil scientists solemnly swear that he
was not one of us. He acted alone.

only way to evolve further after capitalism, must be where all people will
share a common worlds common ressources, read Marxism in its essence. Even
after the downfall of the downright fascist Soviet Union marxism is still a
beautiful thought, and must not be confused with the dogma of the USSR.

from all media (references include Discover Magazine, Nature, Scientific
American, etc.) and builds his theories from these sources, and now he states
them being false, lies etc. This would imply that he himself is lying, in fact
telling that his book must be a fable.

CONCLUSION: EVOLUTION IS A DECEIT - This is getting redicoulous.

                                               "WARNING !

    The chapter you are now about to read deals with A VERY IMPORTANT
    MYSTERY, one that is crucial to your life. You should read it very
attentively and
    thoroughly for it is concerned with a subject that is liable to make a
fundamental change in
    your outlook to the external world.
    The subject of this chapter is not just a point of view, a different
approach, or a traditional
    philosophical thought: It is a reality that is also proven by science

I am getting spam mail from porn sites with similar wordings. Just making me
wondering how the hell did they get my e-mail address.

THE MYSTERY OF MATTER - use the same arguments to prove that the world does not
exist at all.


I have not read all of it (to many notes :-)), so I may be wrong in certain
statements, it is just my humble opinion and if you want I can give you some
references for further reading, yours sincerely

Stud. scient.
Kristian Kyhl

Ferit Guleryuz wrote:

I am writing to you from Istanbul, Turkey on behalf of the Philosophy
Dept. students at Istanbul University. Our purpose in contacting you
is asking for your kind help. Please let us briefly explain you the
challenging situation we are facing in Turkey regarding the book "Evolution
Deceit" published by Harun Yahya.
The writer Harun Yahya has released more than 140 books and he is
known by his serious attacks against the evolution theory. He is trying
to make use of science against Evolution. He is trying to shoot us
with our weapon. During the last year, we tried to determine the scientific
mistakes in his book. We organized conferences in order to avoid youth
suffering from his non-scientific and unfortunate believes in creation.
His strength and capability of playing with words in the name of science
even confuse us sometimes, we should regretfully confess. We will
certainly be grateful if you can support us with your experience and
proficiency in the area. We want to make benefit of your comments
in our conferences, and other studies.
You may find the original text of the book at:

We'll be looking forward to receive your invaluable support in our
challenging situation in Turkey. We'll be grateful to receive your
comments and critiques regarding his book "Evolution Deceit."
With the hope of hearing from you in the shortest period of time.
Yours truly,
Ferit Guleryuz


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