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William Gelbart gelbart at
Tue Apr 10 10:05:49 EST 2001

Subject:  FlyBase-Harvard Scientific Curators/Annotators Positions

Position Title: Scientific Curators/Annotators

Duties and Responsibilities: FlyBase seeks two scientific curators to
join our group at the Harvard University Biological Laboratories to participate
in the biological annotation of the completed genome sequence of the fruit
fly, Drosophila melanogaster.  Responsibilities include the curation and
refinement of Drosophila genomic sequence annotations, and scanning and
abstracting the scientific literature on the molecular biology of Drosophila.
Curators work as a part of a team, interacting with biologists at other
FlyBase sites worldwide to develop standards of annotation, and coordinate
with software engineers to develop and improve software. Curators also
work on developing improved methods to communicate information about
the genome to the scientific community, especially via the World Wide Web,
and assist users online and at research conference workshops.

Initial appointment is for 18 months, with the possibility of renewal.

Required Education, Experience, Skills: Ph.D. in molecular biology or genetics.
Experience with molecular genetics and Drosophila biology preferred.

NOTE: FlyBase is the premier publicly funded research database of integrated
genetic, genomic, and functional data for Drosophila, one of the major
model organisms for the Human Genome Project.  The FlyBase project is
carried out by a consortium of computer scientists and Drosophila
molecular geneticists at Harvard University, University of Cambridge (UK),
Indiana University, University of California, and the European
Bioinformatics Institute.  For more information on FlyBase, see our
web site at:

Please email CV and references to William M. Gelbart:
  gelbart at


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