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TWO POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS in Dr. Kate Beckingham's laboratory at Rice
One position is for studies of gravity sensing in Drosophila. Gravity is
an all-pervasive force and
yet we know very little of the mechanisms used to sense and respond to
gravity.  We have conducted a large
screen to identify mutants defective in gravity sensing.  We have
isolated about 60 mutants and have cloned
the affected genes in 25 of these mutants.  In addition to genes with
roles in neuronal signaling and
modeling many novel genes are included in this set.   There are many
possible projects to pursue from our
work on this unexplored aspect of Drosophila behavior.
A second position is for studies of calcium signaling in Drosophila.
Calcium is a critical uiquitous messenger in mulitcellular organisms and
Drosophila offers unique possibilities for genetic dissection of the
roles of calcium in the development and physiology of a complex
multicellular organism.  We are investigating the roles of both the
ubiquitous calcium sensor calmodulin and a testis-specific calcium
binding protein Androcam.

Rice University has a beautiful campus and is immediately adjacent to
the Texas Medical Center.  There are more than a dozen Drosophila labs
in the four academic insitutions (Rice, Baylor, MD Anderson and UT
Medical School) around the MedCenter and therefore a lively community of
Drosophila resources is available.
Please contact  Kate Beckingham (kate at  or phone
#713-348-4016) for further information
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