transfecting S2 cells

Andrew Papp apapp at
Mon Apr 16 09:28:34 EST 2001

Can anyone share their experiences transfecting S2 cells?
Did anybody have much luck with electroporation and if so could share
a protocol?
Dr. Sylwester Chyb
Imperial College
University of London
Wye Campus
Wye, Kent TN25 5AH
United Kingdom
Dear Sylwek,

Yes, electroporation works well with S2 cells.  We make a very
user-friendly, inexpensive, hand-held electroporator called The Cloning
Gun.  A lab in the U.K. recently ordered the MammoZapper version (the
Cloning Gun for mammalian cells) and was able to get 20% of S2 cells
transfected with it.

Here is some information about the Cloning Gun, including links to
review articles:
click on Cloning Gun, under Hightlights.  You'll also notice great
inexpensive heating/cooling incubators for growing temperature-sensitive
mutants, microinjection equipment, and lot of other items designed for
Drosphila genetics.

The person doing the S2 transfections is Jon Radford, in Julian Dow's
lab at U of Glasgow.  His e-mail address is:

"Jonathan Radford" <radford_jon at>

And I will be happy to asnwer any questions, if contacted at the e-mail
or telephone number below.

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