Postdoc Position (development of synapses)

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Thu Aug 2 15:42:39 EST 2001

Postdoc-Position in the field of Drosophila synaptogenesis

We have formed an EU-funded consortium of 7 neurobiology groups from
France, England, Germany and Spain who will jointly investigate synapses
at the molecular, cellular and physiological level. Since we expect
significant interspecific homologies, the joint project is designed to
be an interactive approach which will make use of mammals and the
fruitfly Drosophila. Within this framework our laboratory is offering a
three years postdoctoral position together with project money and a
travel allowance. The project associated with this position will focus
on Drosophila and attempt to unravel novel mechanisms underlying synapse
formation and structure. Priority is on ultrastructural analyses, but
further approaches (e.g. immunohistochemistry, genetics, cell culture,
electrophysiology, molecular biology) can be employed as well. The
primary prerequisite for potential candidates is a shared interest in
synapse formation. Beyond this, any additional training necessary for
the project's specificities will be provided on-site or in the partners'
laboratories. For further information, please contact Andreas Prokop.

Andreas Prokop
      Universitaet Mainz
      Institut fuer Genetik, room 01-141
      Joh.-Joachim-Becher-Weg 32
      D-55128 Mainz
      Tel.: 49 / 6131 / 39-24328 or 39-25343
      FAX: 49 / 6131 / 39-25845
      email: prokop at


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