LacZ, GAL4, or enhancer trap lines

John Ewer je24 at
Tue Aug 14 14:48:37 EST 2001

Dear Colleagues,
	I am in search for LacZ, GAL4, or enhancer trap lines that 
could be used in the laboratory portion of a course on Insect 
development. My collection is completely lacking stocks that can be 
used to show the expression of very early genes, such as Bicoid, 
nanos, etc. However, I would love to hear about any line that you 
think might be of use for exemplifying any aspect of Drosophila 
development (embryonic as well as post-embryonic)
	Thank you very much for your help. Please reply directly to 
me at je24 at

John Ewer
Cornell University, Department of Entomology
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