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Wed Aug 29 09:27:43 EST 2001

Research Technician and Postdoc positions are open starting 
immediately in the laboratory of Barth Grant, Rutgers University 
Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Piscataway New 
Jersey. Our research focuses on the analysis of membrane trafficking 
mechanisms using genetic and cell biological approaches in C. elegans 
and mammalian cells. Successful applicants for either of these 
positions will be integral members of a new research team focusing on 
the function of several exciting new proteins essential for 
endocytosis and recycling. Previous laboratory experience is 
required. Experience with C. elegans genetics or mammalian cell 
culture is advantageous but not necessary. Applicants for the 
laboratory technician position are expected to have strong 
organizational skills that they will contribute to lab management in 
addition to research. Please send a CV and the names of three 
references to: 
Barth D. Grant
Assistant Professor
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Nelson Biological Laboratories, Room A307
Piscataway, NJ 08854 USA
Office 732-445-7339
Lab 732-445-7340/7341
FAX 732-445-4213
Email  grant at biology.rutgers.edu

For more information on our research see: 

Barth Grant, Yinhua Zhang, Marie-Christine Paupard, Sharron X. Lin, 
David H. Hall and David Hirsh (2001) Evidence that RME-1, a conserved 
C. elegans EH domain protein, functions in endocytic recycling. Nature 
Cell Biology. 3(6): 573-579. 

Sharron X. Lin*, Barth Grant*, David Hirsh and Frederick R. Maxfield 
(2001) Rme-1 Regulates the Distribution and Function of the Endocytic 
Recycling Compartment in Mammalian Cells. Nature Cell Biology. 3(6): 

Tsvika Greener*, Barth Grant*, Yinhua Zhang, Xufeng Wu, Lois E. 
Greene, David Hirsh, and Evan Eisenberg (2001) Caenorhabditis elegans 
auxilin: a J-domain protein essential for clathrin-mediated 
endocytosis in vivo. Nature Cell Biology. 3(2): 215-219 

Barth Grant and David Hirsh (1999) Receptor-mediated Endocytosis in 
the Caenorhabditis elegans Oocyte. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 
10(12): 4311-26. 
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