New Home Sought for mapped P element lethal lines

Todd Laverty tlaverty at
Fri Feb 2 17:18:32 EST 2001

Dear Drosophila Community:

A new home is being sought for a collection of ~ 350 P element insert lines.
These lines were initially "primary" or "reserve" lines from the BDGP 
collection.  These lines were not included 1999 paper (Genetics 
(1999) 153:135-177).  They were not included for one or more of the 
following reasons:

1. A rosy insert was chosen as a primary instead of white insert or vice
2. The primary line was a multiple insert line.
3. Molecular data merged two groups into one.
4. Genetic data was not strong enough to maintain the primary status.
5. There were often two reserve lines, one rosy and one white. Only one
reserve line was put in the paper.

Investigators desiring this collection must contact us by mid-February
(Febr. 15), 2001 and bear the shipping costs from The Netherlands. Their
contact information will be passed to the BDGP whom will continue to refer
occasional requests for stocks to their new keepers. After mid-February, the
stocks will have either been transferred or no longer kept.

Jasprien Noordermeer
Lee Fradkin
Laboratory of Developmental Neurobiology
Dept. MCB/Sylvius Laboratory
Leiden University Medical Center
2333 AL Leiden
The Netherlands
office: 31-71-527-6275
jasprien at
leef at

Todd Laverty
Rubin Lab
(510) 643-9780
tlaverty at


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