Drosophila tests

LTOPINKA at okubk.cz LTOPINKA at okubk.cz
Mon Feb 5 09:58:51 EST 2001

Dear sir / madam 
I am biologist and now I have developed special test for testing of 
different natural and pharmaceutical substances on Drosophila Melanogaster. 
With such work I have 3 years experience and I have credible results. I 
think that this method has usage in antiageing research and in 
pharmaceutical industries . Unfortunately I have problem to find such job 
in Czech rep. and therefore I seek job by this way . 
Sincerely Ladislav 
P.S.   I would be satisfied with monthly income about 1200 US and I am able 
to take manual work too in your institute.


Name : Mgr. Ladislav Topinka  

Born: 01.21.1953

Home Address: 
Velenova 13,
680 01 Boskovice
Czech Republic
Tel: 0420 501 455132
hottip at seznam.cz

Work Address:
 Okresni urad Blansko,
Nám. Rep. 1
678 01 Blansko
Czech Republic.
Tel: 0420 506 485 350
ltopinka at okubk.cz

Education: Faculty of Science Masaryk University, Department of Genetics and 
Molecular Biology in town Brno. 

Summary of Qualifications: 
7 years of research in Department for Chemical Technology, Here I made 
microscopical and chemical analyse . 11 years ecolog in state administration 


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