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Mattias Mannervik Mattias.Mannervik at
Wed Feb 14 09:38:22 EST 2001

Postdoctoral position at  Stockholm University, Sweden

Gene Regulation in Drosophila Development

Transcriptional coregulators are proteins that facilitate 
communication between transcription factors and the basal 
transcription apparatus, in part by affecting chromatin through 
acetylation or deacetylation of histones. They are important 
integrators of cellular signaling pathways, acting at the level of 
gene regulation (see Science, 284, 606-609). As such, they are often 
deregulated in human cancers. This laboratory is using genetic and 
transgenic approaches in the Drosophila embryo to elucidate the 
molecular mechanisms of coregulator function. The position is 
available immediately and requires a recent Ph.D. as well as 
experience in molecular biology techniques. For further information, 

Applicants should send curriculum vitae, bibliography as well as 
names, e-mail adresses, and phone numbers of three references to:

mattias.mannervik at  

or to

Mattias Mannervik, Ph.D.
Dept. of Molecular Biology and Functional Genomics
Stockholm University
S-106 91 Stockholm
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