Adelaide's stocks part 1

Adelaide T C Carpenter atc12 at
Wed Feb 21 09:53:39 EST 2001

I am no longer able to maintain large numbers of stocks so I am trying to
find homes for a number of stocks I have been maintaining "for the public
good."  Please request any stocks you fancy from atc12 at
They will begin to disappear forever a month after these lists become
public.  This is part 1 of 5.

Adelaide TC Carpenter


{{Dominant cleft thorax}}     $Df(3L)Pc-101 balances$     {no cytology,
genetically on 3}     **This is a really striking phenotype, the flies
have almost no thorax -- yet have excellent viability!**   &8h-47&

{{Dominant deletion of posterior T2 and 3, affecting thorax and wing and
haltere}} 26-mut/TM3, ry[RK]  11-33 map units from D[3];  may be
homozygous viable**

{{Dominant truncated wings with blisters.  Jose de Celis was interested;
it's a new occurrance of something long lost but I've forgotten of what
gene.    Maps to mid-3L, as I recall}}  WG9/19/91, 19(1)q/Ubx balancer?    
     WG 9/19/91 19(1)q, Sb/In(3L)loD[8]  ***second stock;  2/01 no longer
Sb and most flies have much longer wings than the original copy -- though
not wt***

{{Dominant truncated wings, misdirected thoracic microchaetes, stubby legs
over normal 2;  wing and bristle phenes much weaker over SM1;  wing weaker
but bristle more extreme over CyO;  apparently lethal over dp[o] alleles.
Dominant allele of dp?}} ?dp[D]/SM1         {no cytological defect;
genetically on 2 and maps to vicinity of dp}     **Isol No A9-1**     

{{Position-effect variegation on Ly;  a nice system to quantitate levels
of PEV in wings rather than eyes}}   T(Y;3)Ly[1rv10]
{Df(3L)070A03;05 plus T(Y;070A)}     ***induced by X rays on Df(3L)Ly***

{{Homozygotes survive to third instar and have amusing salivary
chromosomes:  6 long arms and apparently no 4.  Confound your friends who
think they are expects at salivary cytology!}} T(3;4)a1, st e nos[L7]/TM3
{new order 061A01-067|086-067|102F07-17;  101A01-102F02|086-100}
**possibly an allele of Su(z)4, allelism not checked** 


{{Dominant:  alulae fused to wing, tarsal segments slightly short and
thick, males lack sex combs}}        {Dominant phenes on chromosome 2 but
genetically T(X;2) and male sterile;  stock/FM7}     **Isol No db-6**    

{{Dominant wings out:  alula fused to wing}} /TM2  {In(3LR) ca 78;85}
**Isol No FCK-4**     

{{Dominant:  alula fused to wing}} D2-9 (apparently a T(2;3))

{{Dominant wings up:  proximal parts of wing missing, usually including
anterior crossvein;  haltere also reduced at stem-bulb joint}}  FCK-18/FM7
{X involved}


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