Adelaide's stocks part 2

Adelaide T C Carpenter atc12 at
Wed Feb 21 09:54:52 EST 2001

I am no longer able to maintain large numbers of stocks so I am trying to
find homes for a number of stocks I have been maintaining "for the public
good."  Please request any stocks you fancy from atc12 at
They will begin to disappear forever a month after these lists become
public.  This is part 2 of 5.

Adelaide TC Carpenter


{{Dominant Canopy wings}}   In(3LR)4g, ry[+]78C, ry[506]/TM3

{{Wings Out/TM3, not over TM6B.  recessive on TM3, its 79D break?}}
In(3LR)4f, mwh AS595{P ry[+]} e ry[506]/TM6B  {079D03-04;085E, possibly

{{Dominant Wings-up (and Ubx)}}  In(3LR)Ubx[Wup]/D[7], TM1
{064F03-04;089D04-E01}     **possible allelism to Rf not checked**

{{Dominant;  wings curved out and up}}  (z w);  In(2)17m, cn[1]/CyO
{het;052D03-15}     **probably an allele of U but allelism not checked**    

{{Dominant Outheld wings}}   In(2R)10b, cn[1]/Cy        {046F;047F + 
	049EF;050DE}     **possible allelism to Srf or Str not checked**

{{Dominant wings up:  proximal parts of wing missing, usually including
anterior crossvein;  haltere also reduced at stem-bulb joint}}  FCK-18/FM7
{X involved}   

{{Dominant Wings-up}}    Isol No 183     {on chromosome 3;  young flies
wild type} 

{{Dominant Curleyoid}}  U41, net bw sp/CyO  

{{second chrom wing out}}  M13, dp bw/CyO  


{{Dominant duplication of tissue on all legs at level of sex combs}}
FCK-17, cn/CyO     {Genetically T(Y;3)}     

{{Dominant:  alulae fused to wing, tarsal segments slightly short and
thick, males lack sex combs}}        {Dominant phenes on chromosome 2 but
genetically T(X;2) and male sterile;  stock/FM7}     **Isol No db-6**    

In(2L)Alp[21j], cn[1]/In(2L)Gla     {021E01-02;024A01-02}     **viable
with Alp[eyD]**     


{{dominant Unco-ordinated}} U17  Homozygous;  kept alive because the stock
now also homozygous for R28, a hyperkinetic.  Maps to 2L, as I recall

{{hyperkinetic}}  R28 -- :  stock consequence of hop of some w[+] element

{{Dominant unco-ordinated bang-sensitive}} H64


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