Adelaide's stocks part 3

Adelaide T C Carpenter atc12 at
Wed Feb 21 09:56:35 EST 2001

I am no longer able to maintain large numbers of stocks so I am trying to
find homes for a number of stocks I have been maintaining "for the public
good."  Please request any stocks you fancy from atc12 at
They will begin to disappear forever a month after these lists become
public.  This is part 3 of 5.

Adelaide TC Carpenter

       PURPLE DOMINANTS (bet you didn't know pr mutants could be

T(X;2;3)pr[D1], cn[1]/CyO       {het;038B;het}

Att-X;  In(2)pr[D2], cn[1]/CyO     {038B;het}

T(2;3)pr[D3], cn[1]/TM3, ry[RK]        {038BC;het}

T(2;3)pr[D4], cn[1]/CyO        {038B;het;070D    inferred new order
021A01-038B|het 3-070D|het 2-060;  061A01-070D|het 2-038B|het 3-100}    

In(2)pr[D5], cn[1]/CyO        {038B;het}  

Att-X;  In(2)pr[D6], cn[1]/CyO       {038B;het}  

T(Y;2)pr[D7], net bw sp/SM1/al dp b pr cn  {no cytology}

WHITE DOMINANTS (bet you didn't know w mutants could be dominant either!)

In(1)w[D1]  $homozygous;  dominant orange in heterozygous females$

AS9/21 13(1)c, eye-patch female:  X linked.  Male eyes wild type but they
are sterile;  females/FM7sn have brown eyes

WG8/29 22op.  X linked;  homozygous females have zeste-colored eyes, males
are white-eyed.  No cytology, not previously listed


In(2)bw[D2], cn[1]/CyO     {het;059D05-E01}  ***Allelism inferred from

Att-X;  In(2R)bw[D3], cn[1]/CyO     {{In cn/cn, bw[D3]/+ eyes white with
brown flecks;  in cn/+, bw[D3]/+ eyes brown}}       {041A;059E03-04;
homozygous viable}    ***Allelism inferred from breakpoint***   

Att-X;  In(2LR)Pu[3], cn[1]/CyO   {040B;057C03-09} ***Allelism inferred
from breakpoint***   

T(Y;2)Pu[4]  (cn[1])      {Y;057C03-09} ***Allelism inferred from

T(2;3)Pu[5], cn[1]/CyO    {057C03-09;081} ***Allelism inferred from

Q2-10.  Dominant purple variegating eye color;  11/20 crossovers with
Df(2L)bur-K1 => tip 2R, likely bw or Pu

Q2-3 Dominant dark purple on 2

AS 9/17 19ob  Dominant orange;  blanced by CyO.  {no cytology}  **not
previously listed**

{{A group detected as dominant variegating orange eyes in cn/cn
background;  likely to be allelic from commonality of breakpoint in 89E
but not tested.  All have rosy-like eyes in cn[+] background in very young
flies but are indestiguishable from wild type in older flies.}}

In(3LR)8k/TM3, ry[RK]    {{Dominant orange variegated}}  {080;089DE} 

T(Y;3)4b     {{Dominant orange variegated}}  {het;089E04-F04} 

T(2;3)14a/TM3, ry[RK] {{Dominant orange variegated}}   {041;089E09-13}

T(Y;3)5a  {{Dominant orange variegated}} {no cytology, genetically T(Y;3)}


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