Adelaide's stocks part 5

Adelaide T C Carpenter atc12 at
Wed Feb 21 09:58:16 EST 2001

I am no longer able to maintain large numbers of stocks so I am trying to
find homes for a number of stocks I have been maintaining "for the public
good."  Please request any stocks you fancy from atc12 at
They will begin to disappear forever a month after these lists become
public.  This is part 5 of 5.

Adelaide TC Carpenter


N11, net cn bw sp/SM5  **new cn**
N20, net cn bw sp/SM1  **another new cn**
net cn[Q114] bw sp/CyO  **yet another new cn**

f[H84]/sc[S1] dl-49, v f B

C(1)RM, y[2] bb/T(Y;3)ry[165], mwh red e ry[165]/TM6 or TM2

y w/y[+]Y, spontaneous from XY, v f B

U26, net bw sp  Original male gave high levels of crossovers, not repeated

y w f/y[+]Y:  h-type from F58

gSox#84 dominant eye-reduce mutation/TM3, ry[RK]  **may be partial
revertant of Dr[1]**

H91, Ax?/FM7

H80, Pin type/CyO  (roe p[p])

H68/CyO;  (roe p[p])  dominant reduced bristles

H82 (veins)/sc[S1] dl-49, v f B

T(Y;2)Q3, extra veins

H76, roe p[p]/TM3  female rough eye/TM3, not over D[10] or TM6B:  or any

32FP-14, cn/CyO;  (ry[506])  **what was this?  not in Fotis paper.**

H54/Binsn  Dominant rough eye;  apparently male lethal

fz[613], mwh red e/TM3, ry[RK]  **Detected as fz over Df(3L)D-5rv6;
    homozygous viable**
y w (f[36a]);  mwh fz[613] red e/TM3 (ry?) **as above**

{{recessive thoracic microchaetes disarrayed}}   {on X;  homozygous}
**Isol No 32FP-7**     

{{recessive loss of posterior edge of tergites including macrochaetes}},
dp bw/FM7a     {Genetically T(X;2);  phenotype on X}     **Isol No


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