PhD studentship opening

Mitch Dushay mitch.dushay at
Wed Jan 10 13:19:10 EST 2001

Fellow Drosophilists,
     Please bring this ad to the attention of promising undergraduates
at your institutions.

  A PhD position is available to study the expression and regulation 
of immune genes in the gut of Drosophila.  Candidates with 
backgrounds in Drosophila genetics and/or molecular biology are
particularly welcome.

It's a new laboratory, but we are associated with an established fly 
group.  There is also an Arabidopsis lab, and soon to be a C. elegans 
lab nearby.  Södertörns högskola is a new school just to the South of 
sunny Stockholm.

Mitchell Dushay             mitch.dushay at
Södertörns högskola
Box 4101
141 04 Huddinge,   Sweden
Tel. Office  46 8 5858 8743
Tel. lab       46 8 5858 8749
FAX           46 8 5858 8510
Mitchell Dushay
Department of Insect  and Innate Immunity
Box 4101
Södertörns högskola, BiPontus
141 04 Huddinge   Sweden


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