Drospophila Photos

Aaron Becker aandab at erols.com
Wed Jan 31 11:45:53 EST 2001

I am working on the development of an a new series of educational units
targeted to middle-school science
students. The works take the form of a 4 page folder and a short (8 frame)
35mm film strip, the contents of
which are explained in the text folder. One of the units deals with the

I am looking for the following photos which would be used on a
non-exclusive, one-time basis:

1. The Male Drosophila Fly - Top View showing the Haltares
2. Female Drosophila Fly - Top View
3. Drosophila Eggs
4. Drosophila Mature larva
5. Drosophila Pupa
6. Dropsphila Chromosopmes (showing 4 pairs in metaphase- Male fly)
7. Drosophila Salivary gland chromosopmes Showing striped giant chromosomes.
8. Drosophila Head with normal eyes
9. Drosophila Head with double bar eyes
10. Drosophila Chromosomes similar to 6 above without "Y" chromosome (XO

Can you provide any of the above or similar alternates  or suggest where I
might be able to obtain them ?

If there is a charge for use of the pictures, please advise in your reply.

Please send all pictures (which, of course, will be returned after they are
copied) along with description of
magnification and any special points of interest noted to me at :

10 Harrow Lane
Old Bethpage, NY 11804

I can use color or black and white transparancies (35mm or larger) or good
quality glossy prints.

Thank you for your assistance.


 Aaron Becker


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