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Jim Fry jfry at
Wed Jun 27 16:30:25 EST 2001

Technician Position,  Evolutionary/Behavioral Genetics

Department of Biology, University of Rochester

Full-time technician sought to work on an N.S.F.-funded project on the 
evolution of reproductive isolation in Drosophila.   Perform behavioral and 
phenotypic assays, supervise undergraduate students, and perform 
preliminary data analyses.  Requires good organizational skills and ability 
to work independently; experience with Drosophila helpful but not 
essential.  BS in Biology or related subject, and two years laboratory or 
field experience preferred.  Salary will be competitive.

Mail, fax, or E-mail resume to:

Dr. James Fry
Department of Biology
University of Rochester
Rochester NY 14627
Fax: 275-2070
E-mail: jfry at


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