drosophila two-hybrid

Rachel Drysdale (Genetics) rd120 at gen.cam.ac.uk
Thu May 17 09:55:32 EST 2001

Hi Vuk,

>I was wondering whether 
>anyone could point me towards someone who has had experience with a drosophila 
>library two-hybrid screen.

If you go to the FlyBase Genes Search

and put 
"yeast two hybrid"
in the 'Any field ' query box and click on 'Submit'

you will get 141 hits.

Go to the bottom of the hits table page, to the Batch Download section,
toggle the Report Content to 'Full', choose the hits you want using the
'Items' box, and click 'Fetch items'.  (If you choose to fetch All items
it will take ages to load Full reports for all of them, you could try
with a few at a time to see how it works).

When that Fetch has finished, use the 'Find in Page' option on your
browser to search for "yeast two hybrid" and you will be taken to each
instance of that term.  Each of those instances is linked to a
reference for the article where the screen was published, and you can
check the article itself for the technical details of the screen.

Good luck!


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