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Fri May 25 09:19:11 EST 2001

Fellow Drosophilists,
     There is an opening for a PhD student, with full salary and
benefits.  Please bring this ad to the attention of promising
undergraduates at your institutions.

Innate immunity plays a critical role in the activation and
regulation of all immune responses in vertebrates.  The complexity of
innate immunity itself is becoming clearer from work in Drosophila,
where distinct responses to particular pathogens, and differential
responses by different tissues are the key questions being studied
today.  We are focusing on the expression and regulation of immune
genes in the Drosophila midgut in response to different microbes in
the food, at different developmental stages.

Södertörns högskola is in Stockholm, Sweden, next to the Karolinska
Institute and Novum research center.  We move to a new building next
year.  Besides two fly groups, Södertörn has groups working on C.
elegans, arabidopsis, and yeast.

I am an American Associate Professor.  Students need not know
Swedish, but they must be completely comfortable in English.
Candidates with backgrounds in Drosophila genetics and/or molecular
biology are particularly welcome.

Mitchell Dushay             mitch.dushay at
Södertörns högskola
Box 4101
141 04 Huddinge,   Sweden
Tel. Office  46 8 5858 8743
Tel. lab       46 8 5858 8749
FAX           46 8 5858 8510
Mitchell Dushay
Department of Insect and Innate Immunity

flat mail address:
Box 4101
Sodertorns hogskola, BiPontus
141 04 Huddinge   SWEDEN

package and physical address:
Alfred Nobels alle 10
141 52  Huddinge   SWEDEN 
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