DeLill Nasser Award

T. Kaufman kaufman at
Wed Oct 31 09:03:41 EST 2001

Dear Postdocs and Graduate Students,

There is a new award called "The DeLill Nasser Award for Professional
Development in Genetics" which you may wish to know about.  The award was
established this year as a tribute to the late Dr. DeLill Nasser in honor of
her strong support for young scientists, her love of genetics and the
instrumental role she played as a Program Director at the National Science
Foundation for 22 years.

The Awards are competitive.  They will support travel expenses (typically in
the $1000 -$1500 range) to allow you to present your work at national or
international meetings, or take laboratory or training courses such as those
offered by Cold Spring Harbor labs, all within the broad area of genetics or
genetic-related research training.

Application Deadline is soon -- NOVEMBER 15 --  but the application is
simple.   See the GSA Web page for info:

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