discontinuation of stocks; list of stocks to have

"Ferro, W. SG W.Ferro at lumc.nl
Tue Dec 17 20:42:26 EST 2002

Our Department in Leiden, The Netherlands, is terminating all 
Drosophila research. In connection with this we will discontinue this 
month a number of stocks. Please, find attached a listing. If you are 
interested in any, contact me at ferro at lumc.nl soonest. 


Wouter Ferro
Department of Radiation Genetics, Leiden University Medical Center

Drosophila Stocks held at the Department of Radiation Genetics and 
Chemical Mutagenesis, LUMC, Leiden, the Netherlands. 

-	Compiled per November 2002, but not corrected. 
-	Not all stocks listed may be really available.
-	Mutations that are not visible (e.g. mei& mus mutants, chromosome 
aberrations) have often not been checked recently.
-	The stocks with ligaseIV and rad54 mutations will not be handed out 
till our current experiments are finished and written up.
Please, indicate your interest a.s.a.p.; probably by the end of 2002 
most stocks will have to be discarded due to reduction of personnel.

Contact: Wouter Ferro,  phone *31-71-5276153; e-mail: Ferro at LUMC.nl 

Blad  3	genotype		

1 a: I mei ? W	W;Se h	    witte ogen	contr.stam v.IV. v.V.VIII.XI
1 c: III mei? y sn	y sn³	   yellow;singed	contr.stam v.VI,IX,XII
3 a: mei +	y/y?Y;bw;st p?; spa ?ol	f;yellow:m;witte spa?ol ogen
3 c mei -41	y mei-41 D5/y?Y;bw;wt P?	f;yellow:m; yellow+;witte spapol 
3 d:mus101 heteroz.	Y pn mus(1)101D¹/FM7/y?Y;bw ;st
4 a:mus 201	y;mus(2)201D¹bw;st p?	yellow;witte ogen
4 b:mus -306	y;bw;st mus(3)306D¹ (Pp?)	yellow;witte ogen
4 c:mus-307	y;bw;st mus(3)307D¹ (Pp?)	yellow;witte ogen
4 e: mus -311	bw;st mus(3)311 D¹(Pp?)	witte ogen	
5 a: mei + (flair)?	y/y?Y;flr³ se/TM 2,Ubx¹³ºse e	 
6 a:mus-101 flr	y pn mus(1)101 D¹/FM6/y?Y;flr³se/TM2,ubx¹³º se e	
6 d:muller-5/Basc	In(1)sc ?¹? sc8?+ S,sc s¹s8wa B	  bar witapricot 
6 e:ebony	e		
7 b: 91DTS	I(2) 91 DTS Sco/Cy O	curly, gaan dood bij 25º	
8 b:# 311	w	witte ogen	
8 c:	w;A 1ro	wit roughoog A1 isn DenV-hsp op chrs.3	
8 e:	sn mus(2) 202 D¹; A1	cinnabar oog			

Blad 5

Y.blm 103 /C(1)DX,y f; bw ; st P? *8902-22	bleo gevoelig 
bw blm/ Cy O *8933-08	curly rood oog/niet curly bruin oog
cn bw blm / Cy O *9003-29	curly rood oog/niet curly wit oog( bleo 
gevoel.) chr.2
Cn  bw blm /Cy O  *9004-14	cuyrly rood oog /niet curly wit oog(bleo 
gevoel.) chr.2
cn bw  blm /Cy O  *9005-23	curly rood oog /niet curly wit oog (bleo 
gevoel) chr. 2
cn bw blm / Cy O  *9012-13	curly rood oog/niet curly wit oog(bleo 
gevoel.) chr. 2
cn bw blm /Cy O  *9012-18	curly rood oog/niet curly wit oog(bleo 
gevoel)  chr.2
cn bw blm/Cy O *9013-46	curly rood ook/niet cury wit oog(bleo gevoel)	
cn bw blm/Cy O 9020-36	curly rood oog/niet curly wit oog (bleo 
gevoel) chr.2
cn bw blm/Cy O9020-14	curly roog oog /niet curly wit oog(bleo gevoel) 
cn bw blm/Cy O   *9020-45	curly rood oog /niet curly wit oog(bleo 
gevoel) chr.2

These are a series of bleomycin (blm) hypersensitive mutants; the 
first is on chromosome X, all others on chr II. A rough mapping is 
available for these mutants. The mutants were also (partly) 
characterized for effects on chomosome loss and  on SMART.	
Blad 8

8933-8	Cy / bw cn+
9005-23	homoz.
9003-29	Cy
9003-29	homoz.
9004-14	Cy
9005-23	Cy
9013-46	Cy
9012-13	homoz.
9012-18	Cy
9012-18	homoz.
9013-46	homoz.
9020-14	Cy
9020-36	Cy
9020-45	Cy
9020-45	homoz.
Cn bw	

Duplicates for tray 5

Blad 7

W; Se h	witte ogen ,hairy  ( stam voor oogstest)
Y Sn 	Yellow,singed                  oogstest
Y Mei -41 D5	Yellow      	oorspr.#321;had oorspr.cv
Mus(3)305 D1	wild
St Mus (3)310 D1	scarlet oorspr. Stam-mus310,was overTM3,Sb,Ser
StMus (3)311 /d1	scarlet,oorspr. Stam-mus311;was overTM3,Sb,Ser
Y W c°/Y+Y;flr³ Se/Tm2 Ubx ¹³°Se e	f;yellow;m;yellow+;white coral 
sepia ogen;ubx
                    oorspr.flr stam van Szabad
Mus (1) 102 A7 /C(1)DX, yf	f:yelllow,forked;m;wild, 1988 
W. Mus(1) 106D¹?	witte ogen ,1988 DennisSmith
W;Mus (2) 201D¹	wit 20/02/89 van E.Vogel
Pm Sn¹ Cy;Ubx Sb e	

EMS geinduceerde DMN gevoelige mutanten + lethalen.
EMS induced DMN sensitive mutants and lethals on chr 3

Mt 2 /2	lethaal
Mt 3 /8	gevoelig
Mt -3 /23	leth.
St in ri P? Mt 4-1 WTS/Tm3,sb	
Mt 7 /1	gevoel.
Mt 7-3/ Tm 3,sb ?	
Mt 8-1/Tm 3 	DMNgevoel./niet gevoel.MNNG
Mt 8-2 /Tm 3	DMNgevoel./ niet leth.
Mt 9 /7	leth.
Mt 9 /8	leth.
Mt 10 /6	leth.
Mt 12-16 /Tm 3,sb ?	
Mt 14-3 /Tm 3,sb ?	
Mt 14 /17 Tm 3,sb ?	niet leth.
Mt 15-4 /Tm 3,sb ?	
Mt 17-4 /Tm 3,sb ?

Stammen  Bert  2

R 51 -7/ 20
R 51 -3 / 13
Prm/Cy;Ubx e/ sb e

Stammen  Bert  7 (5)           in deze stammen maar èèn soort ??  en 
èèn soort ??

Chromosome 2 + 3

cs; e¹¹	
dp; e?

Chromosome 1 + 2 + 3

C (Y ?.X.Y ) In (1) KEN IN(1) dl-49,Y;bw;st P? (stock 7 (n-86) 
Inscy,In910 sc s¹In(1) dl-49,Y sc s¹ sc8 /y?Y;bw;st P?  (oster??)

Chromosome 1+2 +3 +4 

In(1)dl -49, v f ; bw;e; ci ey?

Amherst M-56 I
Harwich (Strong P. JE)
MR-h12/ Cy;Sbe Ubx e
MR  GB 39/ Cy,Sbe /Ubx e
MR  T007 /Cy; Sbe /Ubx e
MR n-1 /Cy;Sbe Ubx
D simulans  /barcelona   (wild type)
D simulans  y w f


Stammen  Bert 4  (hospital)

A1/A1  ( cn bw)	mms(2) P 24.1  (mus 201 ?) P induced mus201
C1/C1 (cn bw)	mms (2) P 63.1 (mus 205 ?) P induced mus205
B2/B2 (cn bw )	mms(2) P 54.3
C1/C1  sb/ubx	
y,bw st mus 308		
D sunsalans   w ²4 c	
B 1567

mms(2) 54.3    B 1

mms(2) 54.3    B2	

mms (2)54.5  B3

B1/B1 (cn bw) 	mms(2) P 54.2

Stammen  Bert 6 (8)  	P-Induced MMS-sensitive chromosome II

MMS (2) 14.1	

MMS (2) 49.1

MMS(2) 50.3


MMS(2) 26.4		

MMS(2) 33.1	

MMS(2) 38.1	

MMS(2) 38.3	

MMS(2) 44.2	

MMS(2) 38.4	

MMS(2) 24.1	mus 201? A1   mms-5

MMS(2) 25.2	mus 201?  A2

MMS(2) 40.4	leth.at 17ºC ?
MMS(2) P 63.1+? ?	(=C1)

Stammen  Jan  1 

W¹¹¹8;P[w? Pip?] 501 
           TM3,sb ser


w  m4;Cy/ Gla
w m4  Df(D1)28-02(25F)
          CY O	E(vat) w m wordt witter

Stammen  Jan  2

Canton S
Df(3R) T 32 kni cu sr /  MRS, Sb	[deficiency over Ku70, Ku70 also 
known as mus309] 
y w ?°? spl
Df E e/ Tm6 B, Hu ry e
w;df 4966/ Cy
St in ri P?

ri P? D³ wts /Tm3 Sb
Gli ?	

Stammen Anja  2

A1 /Cy ;Sbe / Ubx	
A1 /A1;Sbe/ Ubx, e	A1=Pinduced mus 201 ( in cn bw chr.)
A2 / Cy;Sbe /Ubx	A2=Pincuce mus 201 (in cn bw chrs.)
C1 /C1 ;Sbe /Ubx	C1=Pinduced mus 205 (in cn bw chrs.)
cn C1 bw	
cn C1 bw

cn bw	
cn bw /  Cy	
NCX 8 bw D+

105 m # (y² sn Lz RAS v.m)  X muller 5??	

 'Sco In noc 4+	

Stammen Anja 3	

W 1118 ? Sb / Tm6,Ubx	
W: P (Walter) 100 D 
        Tm6 T6	

W 1118; P (w+Rip I+) 50

y w hd spl; w alt 25 F / cy	


A 17-14 ; Ubx
    Cy ,Sb

Stammen Anja 6 	Ku 80    35D

TE 35 BC- GW 8
TE 35 D -GW 11
TE 35 D - GW 13
TE 35 D - GW  2

Df (2L) TE 35 D 	Gw3, dp b sp
	Cy O,dp pr cn


Stammen Bert   9

BL 606 spa;st c(2) Gc 7 Tm
Incey white  (M. Nivard)


blad 1 
Deficiencies X?chromosome from tip to base 

Df(1)B3, y wa/Df(1)y-Bert Basc/y+Ymal+						3A3;3C3
Df(1)w67k30, lz ras v/FM7, y sc wa sn v B						3C1?2;3C6?7
Df(1)15?81, y/FM7, y sc wa sn v B						bi-rb-peb- 
Df(1)BA2-8, M5, wa l(1)cx B/bi rb cx						4F5-5A13
Df(1)M38-C5, y[2]/M6, In(1)sc[8]In(1)dl-49, y[31d]sc[8]w[a]v[Of]f			
Df(1)v?N124B/FM7, y sc wa sn v B							9E3?9F3;10A1?8
T(1;2)v[M8-A5]/M6, y sc dm B (v males are sterile)				T(X;2)v;40/4
v?L1, y2 ec cv ct m f/FM6, y sc dm B						10A1;10A5
B57/FM6, y sc dm B /y+Ymal106							19E1?2;19F1
LB7/FM6, y sc dm B /y+Ymal106							(19E4?5;20A2)
JA117/FM7, y sc wa sn v B							(19F4?5;19F6?20A1)
17?137/FM6, y sc dm B /y+Ymal126						(19F6?20A1;20E?F)
A122/FM6, y sc dm B /y+Ymal126							(20A2?3;20A4?5)
B264/FM6, y sc dm B /y+Ymal126							(20A2?3;20B)
17?252/Binsn, sn B/y+Ymal106							(20A5?20B1;20C)
B5, y wa/FM6, y sc dm B /y+Ymal+						(20A5?20B1;20E?F)
17?87/Binsn, sn B								(20F)

stammen waarin bi rb cx zit moeten uitgezocht worden i.e. de bi rb cx 
vrouen moeten eruit.
stammen met M5, wa B uitzoeken i.e. M5 vrouwen eruit.
Binsn vrouwen zijn steriel}
blad 2
X?linked lethals: S=spontaneous +, SM=spontaneous mei?9, 
HM=Hycanthone induced

Lethal               	 Allelism	      Localization	Stock    
l(1)HM?B29    	GA17    		2C3    	B29, y  wa/Dp  wvco;Ubx/y+Y/ywf 
l(1)zw?6     	zw6=3Bb   		3B2      	y2 zw?6 wi ct6 f/FM7  
l(1)S 16?18	(=fs(1)hS) fs(1)h  	7D1;7D5?6	16?18/FM7 
l(1)153    	Q66, BP?8   		10A      	lz ras 153/FM6, l(1)69j/v+Yy+
l(1)AA33    	run		19E1?2	pn f os0 AA33/FM6,l(1)?/Ymal+ 
l(1)A7    	eo		20A1?2	y ct6 v f car A7/FM6/y+Ymal126 
l(1)Q 56    	=20Ac		20A	Q56/FM6/y+Ymal126 
l(1)114    	fog		20A5?B    	y w spl sn 114/FM6/y+Ymal126 
l(1)A72    	20Bb1			A72/C(1)DX, y f/y+Ymal126 
l(1)8P1    	stn		(20B)     	8P1/FM6/y+Ymal106 
l(1)20    	20Cb		20C?D     	y ct6 f mal2 20/FM3/BSYy+ 
l(1)su(f)l?pb (R-9-18)				 20B-F		 w R?9?18/FM6/BSYy+ 
l(1)ESHS 7		l(1)2/1D			2B17;2C2	../FM7
l(1)ESHS 51		32/16B	l(1)1/4C		15D1-2;16A2	../M5

stammen met M5, wa B uitzoeken i.e. M5 vrouwen eruit.

blad 3
Chromosome 1 

Genotype								phenotype

bi rb cx									G en E hetzelfde
M5, w[a] B/Y/C(1)RM,y lz50e30 						G: Muller-5
									E: yellow + lz ogen	
FM7, y31d sc8 wa snX2 vOf g4 B/C(1)DX, y f 				G: FM7
									E: yellow + forked
In(1)sc4 In(1)S, y sc4 B/C(1)DX, yf (#6)					G: yellow Bar oog
									E: yellow + forked

In(1)sc8 In(1)dl?49, y31d sc8 wa vOf mei?41D5 (subline 2)/w+Y (M41)		
G: yellow vermilion oog 
									E: yellow wit oog
In(1)scS1 In(1)S, yC4 scS1 B/C(1)DX, y f (#5) 				G: yellow Bar oog
									E: yellow forked
rud v54k tc sl2 smd/FM7							G: FM7 
									E: B/+ vermilion
shits/Y/C(1)DX, y w f							G: wildtype
									E: yellow + white + forked
wN72B/C(1)DX, y f							G: witte ogen
									E: yellow + forked
w1118 									G en E hetzelfde (witte ogen)
y w f									G en E hetzelfde 
y w spl2 sn3/y+Y 								G: zwart + wit oog + singed
									E: yellow + wit oog + singed
y mei+ (Barry)								G en E hetzelfde (yellow)
y mei?9a mei?41D5/BSYy+/C(1)DX, y f					G: zwart + Bar ogen
									E: yellow + forked

y mei+/y+Y; bw; st pp; spapol   *)				G grijs + ogen wit + sparkling
							E yellow ogen wit + sparkling
w mus104D1/C(1)DX, y f				G: zwart + ronde witte ogen 
						E: yellow + forked
v8808-45E					G en E hetzelfde (vermilion)
8808-45E bp 	V=E;cn Gonia G   TA bp 1165               
*) to be retested, possibly not mei+ 

blad 4

Chromosome 2 

cn bw 
cn mus201D1 
dppho (dppho Df(2)JS7/dppho Df(2)C144)
NCX8: Df(2R)NCX8, cn- bwD/In(2LR)O, Cy dp pr cn2
NCX8: Df(2R)NCX8, cn- bwD+/In(2LR)O, Cy dp pr+ cn2
NCX10: Df(2R)NCX10, cn- bwD/In(2LR)O, Cy dp pr+ cn2
ST1: Df(2R)ST1 Adhn5 pr cn/In(2LR)O, Cy dp pr cn2

Chromosome 3 
mus309D2/TM3, Sb
st e 
st in ri pp 
TM1, Me/TM2, Ubx
Ubx e4/Payne (In(3L)P In(3R)P) ca 
Ubx e/Sb e 

Chromosome 1 + 2 
y; rl 

blad 5

Chromosome 2 + 3 
cn; e11 
Pm/SM1(Cy);In(3L)P In(3R)C, Sb eS/In(3LR)Ubx130 eS 
dp; eS 

Chromosome 1 + 2 + 3 
y; bw; st mus308
C(YS.X.YL)In(1)EN In(1)dl?49, y; bw; st pp (stock 7(n?86)Novitski) 
Inscy, In(1)scS1 In(1)dl?49, y scS1 sc8/y+Y; bw; st pp 
Chromosome 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 
In(1)dl?49, v f; bw; e; ci eyR 

Amherst M56i 
Berlin K 
Hikone H 
Oregon K 
Harwich (strong P, JE) 
MR-h12/Cy; Sb e/Ubx e
MR-GB39/Cy; Sb e/Ubx e
MR-T007/Cy; Sb e/Ubx e
MR-n1; Sb e/Ubx e

Drosophila simulans stocks
Barcelona (wildtype)
y w f
In(1)193, In(1)3C3/7-13E spl l(1)193/w f  

ENU vermilion-mutanten

nr.	fenotype
V103;bw	white
V151;bw 	white
V161;bw	white

EMS vermilion-mutanten

nr.	fenotype
V503;bw	white
V504;bw	white
V506;bw	white
V507;bw	white
V508;bw	pigmented
V509;bw	white
V510;bw	white
V512;bw	white
V513;bw	white
V520;bw	white
V522;bw	white
V525;bw	white
V530;bw	pigmented
V531;bw	white
V533;bw	white
V535;bw	pigmented
V536;bw	white
V539;bw	pigmented
V540;bw	white
V541;bw	white
V543;bw	white

EMS vermilion-mus-mutanten

nr.	fenotype
V549;bw	white
V551;bw	white
V552;bw	pigmentd
V553;bw	white
V554;bw	pigmented
V555;bw	white
V562;bw 	pigmented
V565;bw	white
V567;bw 	pigmented
V571;bw	white
V573;bw	pigmented
V574;bw	pigmented
V577	mix van v/v;bw stock white/v eyes


EMS vermilion-mus-mutanten

nr.	fenotype
V582;bw	white

MNNG vermilion-mutanten

nr.	fenotype
V803b;bw	white
V804	pigmented
V805;bw	white
V806;bw	white	
V807;bw	white
V808;bw	white/orange
V809;bw	white/orange
V811;bw	white
V814;bw	white
V816;bw	white
V817;bw	white
V818;bw	white
V820;bw	white

Stammen Ilse

W +/+?2-3, sb / Tm 3,ser 	onze oude stam
st in ri Pp Wts mt 4-1
R 51-3/17 Wts / Tm3 		

Stammen Jan    

 Zucker II  5692 	mus 205 (EMS
Zucker II  1713	mus 205 (EMS
Zucker II  4981 	mus 205 (EMS
Berlin K

4x flessen:

BL 4354	Binscy,w¹
	C(1)  Dx  yf

Dr. Wouter Ferro

Department of Radiation Genetics and Chemical Mutagenesis - MGC
Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)
P.O. Box 9503, 2300 RA  Leiden, The Netherlands
FAX: *31-71-5276173  Phone: *31-71-5276153/5276150/5276000

[personal: http://website.leidenuniv.nl/~ferrow/

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