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Juan Pablo Couso j.p.couso at
Wed Dec 18 07:56:53 EST 2002

Hox genes and the evolution of animal body plans:
a bioinformatic approach

BBSRC research committee studentship -  University of Sussex 2003

Recent high-profile papers on Hox genes have suggested that major
features of animal groups, such as wings, legs or eyes, arose rapidly by
changes to one or few genes rather than by the gradual accumulation of
small genetic changes. This project will establish comparative databases
and new analytical tools for developmental genes, to test the
association between key "body patterning genes"  and their hypothesized
role in body plan. The student will gain experience in analyzing
expression data and DNA sequences, with an emphasis on the use and
development of bioinformatic methods, with the option of including a
laboratory component.

Scholarship begins October 2003. Open to UK residents of any
nationality. Please register an expression of interest by email as soon
as possible to either of the two co-supervisors below.

Lindell Bromham,
Centre for the Study of Evolution,
School of Biological Sciences
University of Sussex,
Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9QG,
United Kingdom
L.D.Bromham at

Juan Pablo Couso
Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow
School of Biological Sciences
University of Sussex
Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QG
United Kingdom
Phone: 44-1273-877448
fax: 44-1273-678433
e-mail: j.p.couso at
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