PostDoc Honey bee genomics, Maryland

Jay Evans evansj at
Fri Dec 27 14:10:14 EST 2002

Please consider this, a background in Drosophila genetics would be highly desirable,

DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: Postdoctoral researcher to use genomic approaches to study disease resistance and larval development in honey bees.  Goal is to identify genes expressed by larval honey bees in response to bacterial pathogens, using subtractive and/or normalized cDNA libraries.  Candidate clones will be screened for function and for variable expression across honey bee genotypes and ages.  Results will be integrated into an emerging functional genomics view of honey bee development.  Project has laboratory, field, and informatics/ comparative genomics components and benefits from current project to sequence honey bee genome.  Sequencing, microarray, and computing facilities available.

QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS:  Recent Ph.D. in Genetics, Bioinformatics, or other relevant Biosciences is required.  Knowledge of molecular-genetic techniques and computing/database skills required.  Knowledge of comparative genomics, social insect biology, and/or insect immunity preferred.

SALARY:  $47,910-$63,163, depending on experience

AVAILABILITY:  Immediately, applications reviewed as received, 2 years of funding.

LOCATION:  Beltsville, MD, USA (Near Washington, DC, and U of Maryland)

RESTRICTION:  Must be U.S. Citizen or have current work visa in U.S.

APPLICATION:  Please send CV and list of three references

MORE INFORMATION:  Please contact Jay Evans, below

 Jay D. Evans
Bee Research Lab/USDA-ARS
BARC-East Bldg. 476
Beltsville, MD 20705  USA
FAX 301-504-8736


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