Two Postdoctoral Positions Available

Helen Sink sink at
Sun Jan 20 11:47:04 EST 2002

Two postdoctoral fellow positions are available to join ongoing projects
in the areas of axon guidance and muscle formation. (i) The IgSF protein
Sidestep is involved in the formation of the Drosophila motor
projection, where it acts as a strong attractant for motor axons (Cell
2001, 105: 57-67). (ii) Hibris is also an IgSF protein and is involved
in myoblast fusion, muscle attachment site recognition, and eye
development. In muscle its function is mediated in part through
interacting with the myoblast attraction factor Kirre/Duf (Development
2001, 128:4265-76). We are using molecular genetic and classical genetic
approaches for characterizing the functions of these proteins, and for
identifying the molecular pathways in which they are involved.
Applicants should have a PhD degree and experience in molecular biology,
cell biology or genetics. The successful applicants will join a
laboratory that is in the Molecular Neurobiology Program at the Skirball
Institute of Biomolecular Medicine. The Skirball Institute is a
supportive and interactive environment for carrying out the proposed
work, with other research groups actively investigating issues in
development using Drosophila, mice, zebrafish, Xenopus and C.elegans as
model organisms.
To apply please send CV (with contact information for 3 referees) to me

Dr. Helen Sink
Molecular Neurobiology Program,
Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine.
New York University Medical Center,
540 First Avenue,
New York, New York 10016
e-mail:  sink at


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