funny fly food

Kathleen Gajewski sa08383 at
Fri Mar 1 08:38:42 EST 2002

>>One is that the food separates somewhat after pouring.  There is a 
rather clear agar layer over the cornmeal layer.  Another is that if 
you stick your finder in the tube, the food is not very firm - you 
can easily mash it.  These two phenotypes were improved but not cured 
when I asked the technicians to autoclave the agar before adding it 
to the cornmeal mixture (to ensure the agar got boiled).<<

Our recipe is a bit different, but we've seen that happen before.  Letting
the food mixture cook on high longer (this is before we add our mold
inhibitors) solved that problem.  Have your techs add at least another
15-20 minutes cooking time and see what happens.

>>The third  problem, and the one that really upsets everyone is that
after larvae start working the food, the top layer turns to liquid.  You cannot 
transfer the adults safely because the food comes pouring out as 

That's probably excess moisture in the food, and something the extra
cooking time may also take care of as well.  Good luck.



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