EMS Mutants Available (23F-24A)

Ryan B. Green rbgreen at ucla.edu
Wed Mar 6 12:58:32 EST 2002

Drosophila Colleagues,

We have conducted an EMS mutagenesis screen for lethal mutations over the
Df(2L)drm[P2] deficiency.  We screened over 10,000 cn bw sp chromosomes and
have 34 individual lethal mutations that map between Pdsw and drm (by
failure to complement the smaller drm[P1] deficiency) in the 23F-24A region.
These mutations have not been divided into complementation groups nor do we
know if they are allelic to known mutants.  If anyone would like these flies
or for more information, please contact me at rbgreen at ucla.edu.  These flies
will be discarded after June 1, 2002.


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