Phalloidin problems!

Paul Adler pna at
Thu Mar 28 08:43:40 EST 2002

I have always had good luck with phallodins from Molecular Probes (I
currently use alexa tagged).  A standared PBS-paraformaldehyde fix, followed
by washing (at least one with a nonionic detergent such as tween) and then
staining works.

Paul Adler
"Caroline Grabbe" <Caroline.Grabbe at> wrote in message
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> Hi everybody!
> Lately Ive been trying to stain embryos and discs with phalloidin, but
> have come across some problems. I now wonder if you have some advise about
> phalloidin, for example, from where do you get the best phalloidin and
> kind of protocol works best for you? Id be very grateful if you can give
> me some advise and help me solve my problems.
> Thanks very much!
> /Caroline
> Caroline Grabbe
> Ume University
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> Sweden
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