S2 cell question

Rowan Greene rowan_greene at yahoo.com
Tue May 14 15:53:32 EST 2002

I have just started working with S2 cells (actually TC
in general).  I have been trying to thaw cells but
with no success.  These aliquots have been used
successfully fairly recently.  It looks as though the
cells are not attaching to the flask and are not
reaching confluency.

The protocol for this that I have been following is
quick thaw of a 1.5 mL aliquot, transfer to 30 mL
complete media, passage after 3 days because of
clumping.  The cells I have thawed in this manner are
still not confluent after 1.5 weeks.  I have tried
this several times now.  This simple method of thawing
and not washing out the DMSO has been used routinely
in the past in our lab successfully.

Do I just need to be patient with these cells (ie
giving them more time to acclimate)?  Is there a
reason they aren't attaching?  Any suggestions are

Rowan Greene

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