Looking for B[S]-marked attached-XY

Kevin Cook kcook at bio.indiana.edu
Fri May 17 10:28:32 EST 2002

Dear Chromosome Mechanics---

I am looking for an attached-XY chromosome of the form XYS.YL with an 
intact B[S] appended to YL.  Such a chromosome would probably be the 
Ts(XLt;YLt) from a translocation between a normal X and Dp(1;Y)B[S]Yy[+] or 
Dp(1;Y)B[S]----in other words, it would have an X heterochromatin break and 
a break distal to the male fertility factors on YS.  The perfect chromosome 
would have its X heterochromatin break proximal to bb, but I'll take what I 
can get.

If you have these flies, I'd love to get a sample.  The only good 
B[S]-marked X^Y I've located has the Bithorax complex inserted at the base 
of the X.  It may work for my purposes, but I'd like to find something simpler.

Many thanks,

Kevin Cook, Ph.D.               Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
Department of Biology           http://flystocks.bio.indiana.edu
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Indiana University              812-855-5782
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