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Chris Jones 6kuritaro at
Thu Nov 7 09:40:52 EST 2002

> Is there information out there related to the important nutrients needed
> for fruit flies especially as larvae.
> For example vitamins that are antioxidants?
> Or are there certain nutrients that may protect flies against oxidants
> and/or mutations.

Possibly, but I don't know that area of research. Have you tried 
searching the reference database in FlyBase?

> Are there safe ways for students to mutate flies?

Depends a whole lot on the students: by definition, most mutagens are 
potentially dangerous. Chemicals such as EMS are often used, but I'd be 
wary of letting students use the stuff. Perhaps a friendly dentist will 
let you use his X-ray equipment (or actually, will mutate them for you). 
A very safe method is using a genetic mutagen such as P-elements, but 
this is a more time-consuming route. And it isn't a mode of mutation 
that nutrients would (presumably) protect against.

Chris Jones

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