<adv> Genotyping mice and cells without DNA prep

Dr. Arnold Kim ung at checkmygene.com
Mon Nov 11 09:26:06 EST 2002

Dear colleagues,

**Genotype mouse or cells by PCR without preparing DNA.

I believe this is a great news for you, if your project 
involves genotyping cultured cells or mice using tails 
or yolk sacs. 

I wouldn't go over the time and effort spent on DNA
preparation, even if you are lucky to have automated
prep machines in your lab, since we are well aware of 
all the pains. DNA pellets are often lost, and samples
need quantitation.

Viagen Biotech provides unique products to relieve
you from chores and expedite your work.

Just lyse the specimen and directly PCR for genotyping.
That's it, and it works perfectly, always.

Visit us at http://viagenbio.com or contact us at
viagen at viagenbio.com

Best wishes,

Arnold Kim, Ph. D.
Viagen Biotech Inc.

P.S. If you feel this message totally irrelevant to you, 
or annoying, here's our sincere apology. To prevent us
from sending any further message, just tell us so at
vbdecline at viagenbio.com 


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