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Fri Oct 18 09:06:57 EST 2002

Postdoctoral Position

A two-year postdoctoral position (starting January 1st) is available in the 
laboratory of Developmental Genetics in the University of Valencia (Spain) to:

* Develop a model for Myotonic Dystrophy in Drosophila1.

* Characterize novel genes involved in embryonic myogenesis in Drosophila2

We are seeking a highly motivated candidate with experience in Genetics and 
Molecular Biology. Interested individuals should send CV and the names and 
addresses (including email) of two references to: Ruben Artero 
(ruben.artero at We offer a salary commensurate with experience and a 
competitive academic environment. Further details about the projects are 
available upon request.

1. Project funded by the Muscular Dystrophy Association (USA).
2. Relevant paper: Ruben D. Artero, I. Castañon and Mary Baylies (2001). 
The immunoglobulin like protein Hibris functions as a dose-dependent 
regulator of myoblast fusion and is differentially controlled by Ras and 
Notch signaling. Development 128: 4251-64.

Ruben D. Artero, PhD
Lab. of Developmental Genetics
Dept. of Genetics. Valencia University
46100 Burjasot (Valencia)
tel. +34 963983179 (office)
+34 963864379 (lab)
fax: +34 963983029

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