Looking for Df on chromosome 4

John Locke john.locke at ualberta.ca
Wed Oct 30 08:36:11 EST 2002

I am interested in the obtaining Df(4)M101-1 to map the molecular limits

of this deletion. We have tried #1432    Df(4)M101-1/Dp(4;Y)E, svspa-Cat

from Bloomington Stock center, but when we cross this stock out to wild
type (or several other stocks) we are unable to recover the M101 marked
chromosome. It seem that the Df(4)M101-1 chromosome has been lost from
this stock. We need a good copy of Df(4)M101-1 to complete our mapping
the breakpoint locations of deletions on chromsome 4. We have mapped the

molecular locations of the Df(4) stocks listed on Flybase and present at

Bloomington except M101-1.

Are there any other Df(4) stocks available? Who might have some?

I would be grateful for any help you could provide. Please respond to my

email below.

-John Locke

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