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Martin Steel Martin.Steel at
Tue Apr 22 08:20:40 EST 2003

We have the following instruments available for sale:

ThermoFinnigan LCQ DECA XP LC/MS/MS w/Gateway computer and Xcalibur 1.2.
Comes with HPLC and Autosampler

ThermoFinnigan TSQ7000 LC/MS/MS w/API(II), ESI, APCI, also EI, CI W/
computer and Xcalibur 1.1

Biotage Parallex Flex 4-Column fully automated purification system designed
to provide the flexibility needed by chemists involved in lead compound
discovery and lead compound optimization.

ABI 3700 DNA Analyser - a fully automated, multi-capillary electrophoresis
instrument designed for use in production-scale DNA analysis. It can
automatically analyze multiple runs of 96 samples, which
enables 24-hour unattended operation.

ABI 3900 DNA Synthesizer. It is an economical, versatile,
high-throughput platform that synthesizes DNA oligonucleotides with fast
cycle times, low reagent consumption, and incomparable reliability. This
system is ideal for synthesizing primers of various lengths and includes
optimized cycles for producing dye-labeled primers and probes. It has the
flexibility to synthesize sequences with lengths greater than 50-mer at
scales of 40 nmol, 0.2 µmol, and 1 µmol and can synthesize all three scales
in one run.

Visible Genetics OpenGene DNA Sequencer. It is the first system authorized
for clinical use by regulatory authorities in the USA, Canada, France and
Argentina. This adaptable platform can be used to read the genes of *HIV for
determining drug tolerance.

ThermoFinnigan TQ80 8-Tesla Mass Spec. This is the premier system for
multi-client laboratories that require high sample throughput and a variety
of ionization and inlet techniques. The Newstar design provides tha
capability of ESI, MALDI, EI, CI and ion detection and LC/MS without
changing sources.

ABI 7900HT Automation Accessory upgrade - a custom Zymark Twister® Robot
with five plate-stacking positions specifically for use with the ABI 7900HT.
Robot compatible plate loading and unloading (Automation Accessory required
to load multiple plates without user intervention)


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