End-of-year Shipping Schedule - Bloomington Stock Center

Kathy Matthews matthewk at indiana.edu
Tue Dec 2 07:35:26 EST 2003

The Bloomington Stock Center does not ship stocks during the last
approximately-half of December. The combination of cold weather, the
holiday mail crunch, and departmental holiday closings makes this a
poor time for shipping stocks. Our experience was that a large proportion
of stocks mailed during this period did not reach the recipient alive and
had to be reshipped in January. We now close to the public during this
interval and use this time for once-a-year projects and staff holidays.
Please plan ahead and order any stocks you will need in late December
or early January before we close the order on the last shipment of 2003
(dates and times below). Orders received after the deadline will not be
shipped until January of 2004. If you work outside the U.S. we strongly
encourage you to order stocks no later than December 5.

*•Orders of 20 stocks or fewer received by 12 noon EST on December 12
will be included in the December 15th shipment.

*•Orders of 20-100 stocks must be placed by 3 pm EST on December 5
to guarantee shipment during 2003. Requests for larger numbers of stocks
may be delayed until 2004.

*•Orders received after the deadlines will be shipped in January of 2004.


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