active transport of nanos protein

simion ksemion at
Fri Dec 5 08:13:09 EST 2003


Are there any opinions about the possibility of the active transport
of Nanos protein to form the Nanos gradient? I think Nanos synthesized
at the posterior pole of the Drosophila embryo is propagated
anteriorly partly by diffusion and partly by an active transport. I
also suspect that some of the posterior group genes could be doing
that, e.g., staufen, cappuccino, spire, valois embryos can not be
fully rescued by nanos transcript injection. The effect of nanos
transcript seems to be locally more or less restricted in those
I especially favor staufen for several reasons:
it is already known that staufen is continously required to keep vasa
in right place;
staufen is localized at both poles of the embryo being an perfect
candidate for the scaling of the embryos.

Did anyone tried to localize endogenous nanos mRNA and protein in
staufen, cappu, val, spire? (I know it was done for pumilio)

Thank you,


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