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Fri Dec 5 12:02:45 EST 2003

Gene control mediated by epigenetic mechanisms like DNA methylation, at
the level of chromatin or by posttranscriptional gene silencing has become
a focus of interest. As a project within the DFG Schwerpunkt “Epigenetics”
our group is interested in the formation of chromosomal domains with
special emphasis to the understanding of the structural requirements for
chromosomal borders. Within this project

1 Postdoctoral Position  and

1 phD Position

is immediately available. The successful applicants will work in an
independent research group located at the MDC in Berlin Buch. The project
is tightly connected to another project in our group concentrated on
interband specific proteins and their roles in establishing and
maintaining chromosomal domains. The techniques involve molecular genetics
including mapping of chromatin fine structure, fly genetics, establishment
of transgenic strains, induced recombination, immunology methods and

Experience in molecular genetics is essential, experience in fly work is
useful though not essential. The candidate who should speak either English
or German fluently is expected to take part in the weekly group meeting
and the relevant seminars at the institute. If interested, please send
your application including:

Ø	a photocopy of your degrees,
Ø	a short CV pointing out scientific and technical experience,
Ø	the summary of your PhD thesis and list of publications
Ø	two letters of recommendation

to the address given above. For more information please call
hsaumweber at

Berlin, 5.12.2003

Prof. Dr. H. Saumweber


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