Technical Staff job positions in RIKEN BSI near Tokyo Japan

Adrian Moore adrianm at
Mon Dec 8 10:18:34 EST 2003

Technical staff positions are immediately available in a newly opened 
laboratory of the RIKEN Brain Science Institute specializing in genetic 
analysis of neuron development and function. The laboratory primarily 
studies the peripheral nervous system of Drosophila melanogaster, though 
additional research in the mammalian nervous system is anticipated. 
Enthusiastic and motivated staff are sought to carry out molecular biology, 
cell culture and genetic manipulations. Individuals should have a bachelors 
degree in a related area of biology or a similar professional 
qualification, though exceptions will be made for individuals with 
experience in this area. Basic English skills are advantageous though not 
necessary. Technical staff are encouraged to provide intellectual input 
into projects.

The RIKEN Brain Science Institute ( is 
situated in Waco City close to central Tokyo. Salary for these positions 
will be according to the RIKEN pay scale adjusted dependent on experience. 
Contracts are annually renewable following a performance review. Applicants 
should send a curriculum vitae, a description of your skills and experience 
(approximately 500 words), and contact details (including telephone and 
email) of three references to:

Dr Adrian Moore,
Senior Scientist,
Molecular Neuropathology Group,
RIKEN Brain Science Institute,
2-1 Hirosawa
Wako City, Saitama
351-198 JAPAN
<file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Administrator/My%20Documents/Adrian%20Moore%20Temporary/>adrianm at


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