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I enclose details of our latest Protein Biochips Report.

The protein biochip market is underserved, despite growing from $70 million in 2001 to $100 million in 2002. 

The Protein Biochips 2003 report presents a detailed market model and thorough analysis of the technologies and business strategies of 38 leading protein biochip companies. 

Protein Biochips 2003 projects that the market will grow to more than $400 million in 2007, a compound annual growth rate of more than 35%. 

Based on extensive primary and secondary research, including interviews with current and potential customers and with company representatives this research provides the foundation for a market model built on 30 interlinked sets of projections. 

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At the highest level, the market is divided into three different applications: 
(1) Drug Target and Biomarker Discovery and Validation, 
(2) Drug Development, and 
(3) Clinical Trials and Diagnostics. 

The first application identifies and discovers targets and/or biomarkers and validates them through additional experimentation. 

The second application transforms the targets into potential therapeutics. 

The third application identifies and monitors disease states and drug responses. 

Each application is divided across two types of protein biochips: capture biochips and interaction biochips. 

- A capture biochip has immobilized capture agents that are used to capture target proteins, primarily for detection and quantification. 

- An interaction biochip has immobilized proteins or peptides that are used to identify function or to identify interactions with other proteins or with lipids or small molecules. 

Each type of biochip is divided into 5 subsections: price per biochip, number of biochips sold, price per hardware systems, number of hardware systems sold, and service revenue. 

The complete model reveals a multitude of information about the biochip market, including market size by application, by biochip type, by components, and by business model. The complete model also reveals unit sales and average pricing of capture and interaction biochips and their respective hardware systems. 

In addition to the detailed market model, Protein Biochips 2003 evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of each of the protein biochip makers, and assesses both opportunities and threats facing their products. Protein Biochips 2003 identifies the companies most likely to dominate specific market segments, as well as the companies most likely to play key supporting roles in moving technologies forward. 

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Report Index:

Chapter 1: Executive Summary 6

Introduction 7
Applications 8
Competitive Environment 9
State of the Market in 2003 10
- Demand 10
- Supply 11
- Competition 12
Market Model Methodology 13
Market Size 14
- Total 14
- By Application and Biochip Type 15
- By Components and Business Model 16

Chapter 2: Technology 17

Overview 18
- Biochip Type 18
- Biochip Assembly 19
- Biochip Usage 20
Biochip Components 21
- Immobilized (Non-Capture Agent) Proteins 21
- Capture Agents 23
- Surfaces 25
- Spotters 26
- Detection Methods 27
Alternative Technologies 29
Competing Technologies 30

Chapter 3: Applications 31

Applications 32
Protein Expression 33
Protein Function 34
Protein Interactions 35
Target/Biomarker Discovery 36
Target/Biomarker Validation 38
Drug Development 39
Clinical Trials/ Diagnostics 42

Chapter 4: Competitive Environment 44

Overview 45
Affibody AB 46
Archemix Corporation 47
Aspira Biosystems, Inc. 50
BD Biosciences Clontech 53
Biacore International AB 55
BioForce Nanosciences, Inc. 57
BioInvent International AB 60
Biosite Incorporated 62
Cambridge Antibody Technology Group plc 65
Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc. 67
CombiMatrix 70
Corning Incorporated Life Sciences 73
Discerna Ltd 75
Domantis Limited 77
GeneScan Europe AG 78
HTS Biosystems, Inc. 81
Hypromatrix, Inc. 83
Large Scale Biology Corporation 89
LumiCyte, Inc. 92
Molecular Staging Inc. 94
nanotype GmbH 96
NextGen Sciences Ltd. 99
Pepscan Systems BV 103
PerkinElmer Life Sciences 106
Phylos, Inc. 108
Procognia Ltd. 110
Prolinx, Inc. 112
Protagen AG 115
ProteinOne Inc. 118
Protiveris Inc. 120
Protometrix, Inc. 122
Randox Laboratories Ltd. 126
SomaLogic, Inc. 128
TeleChem International, Inc. 131
VBC-GENOMICS Bioscience Research GmbH 134
Zeptosens AG 136
Zyomyx, Inc. 139

Chapter 5: Market Model 143

State of the Market in 2003 144
- Demand 144
- Supply 145
- Competition 146
Total Market 147
- Companies 147
- Size 148
Market Model Methodology 149
Market Segmentation 150
Market Definitions 151
Market Inclusions 153
Market By Applications 154
- Drivers 154
- Companies 155
- Size and Shares 157
Market By Biochip Type 158
- Drivers 158
- Companies 159
- Size and Shares 160
Market By Components 161
- Drivers 161
- Size and Shares 162
Market By Business Model 163
- Drivers 163
- Companies 164
Biochip and Hardware Unit Sales 166
- Drivers 166
- Biochip Units and Shares 167
- Hardware Units and Shares 168
Pricing 169
- Drivers 169
- Biochips and Hardware 170

Appendix 1: Methodology 171
Market Model 172
Sources 173
- Primary Sources 173
- Knowledge Base 174
- Secondary Sources 175

Appendix 2: Glossary 176
Commonly Used Terms 177
Size and Shares 165
Jerini AG 85

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Protein Biochips 2003 
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Date Published: 05/05/03
Number of Pages: 180
Category: Biotechnology

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