Announcement: DGRC Special Introductory Campaign

YAMAMOTO, Masa-Toshi yamamoto at
Wed Jul 9 21:53:31 EST 2003

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Announcement:  Special Introductory Campaign
Drosophila Stocks Now Available at DGRC Kyoto Stock Center for Free

We are happy to inform you that the Drosophila Genetic Resource Center (DGRC)
at Kyoto Institute of Technology can provide you with Drosophila
stocks.  Lots of GAL4 lines are unique to DGRC, and many of those of 
the Bloomington Stock Center and Umea Stock Center are also 
available.  Lots of GS lines and other P insertion stocks will be 
listed soon.
Until the end of September 2003, we will provide up to 50 strains for 
each laboratory (Principal Investigator[PI]) at no charge. Register 
first at our web site, and then order the stocks!

Our web site is

Please visit our web site and find out how rich our stock collection 
is.  It includes deficiency and duplication stocks and useful P 
insertion lines with data of insertion sites. We also carry the 
Bloomington duplication and deficiency kits.

During this introductory period (through September 2003), there is no 
fee for shipping.

We look forward to your order.

Masa-Toshi Yamamoto, Ph.D.
Director and Professor
Drosophila Genetic Resource Center
Kyoto Institute of Technology

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